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future star's best of 2018 (aka future star's past stars)

ho ho ho! just kidding christmas is OVER!!! but here is a LATE CHRISTMAS GIFT FROM ME TO YOU: my favourite releases of 2018!!! no particular order except for #1

1) future star “cryorities”: this album slapped and it’s important to always put yourself first imo.

2) fine “thanks for asking” : OH MY GOD i feel….blessed by this album.

3) kacey musgraves “golden hour” : if u r the asshole who says they like all music “except for rap and country” GO EAT A STICK. country is tite, especially this classic gem of an album. the melodies are like….just a LITTLE unconventional and unexpected and the production is sweet like a spiced cake. rap is okay too!!!!!

4) janell monae “dirty computer” : when i first heard the song pynk i thought i was dead but nope just alive and dreaming. thank u janelle monae for your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5) mitski “be the cowboy” : duh!!!!!! who do you think i am!!!!! how could this not be included on every best of 2018 list!!!! fave song was the melancholy “two slow dancers”. also i want to note that this album was a slow burn for me - very rare for this aries-damn-ass ass.

6) snail mail “lush” : i listened to the song pristine like four zillion times when i was dealing with an unexpected crush. i love snail mail!!!!!!!!!!!

7) charli xcx “focus/no angel” : yes, this is only two songs but i will literally eat up anything charli xcx puts down and this was NO EXCEPTION. i just want u to focus on my love baby!!!!!!!

8) ariana grande “sweetener” and also ariana grande “thank u next” and also ariana grande “imagine” : okay. when this album came out i Flipped Out. 2018 was all about me claiming passionately that sweetener was the most progressive album ever released.

9) kylie v “lotus eater” : local gem!!!! cannot wait to see what this little angel gets up to next!!!!! fave track: fire belly toad

10) gabby’s world “beast on beast” : i’m a indie pop bitch! i love melodies! sue me!!! no don’t i’m broke!!!

11) frankie cosmos “vessel” : see above. i also got to see frankie cosmos with my friend steven and it was so fun and we sang along to all the songs.

12) sophie “oil of every pearl’s un-insides” : i just….the sounds really appeal to me? it sounds like someone is stepping on a ipod the entire time and i love it or like a robot is poopin.

13) carly rae jepson “party for one” : obviously i love crj and also this song is about JERKIN IT !!!! WOOOOP WOOP!

now you know how i feel about this year!!!!!!


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